As we come together this day to share in the beauty of the Universe and the Life Force let us celebrate Morning, Spring, Awakening and Birth.


All are gifts from the Universe around us and the Universe within us.


With these events comes light from darkness, active from quiet, awareness out of somnolence and connection out of solitude.


We celebrate the awareness that comes with this awakening, the understanding that our happiness and our health come from the Life Force within us.


We celebrate the joining of our voices to the voices of others, joining of our spirits to that of the Universe and the others who share our understanding.


We celebrate the bond that we share here today with our friends and loved ones. We know that they shall remain healthy and strong in face of the inimical. We pray that they.


Only through the Life Force can we find this power.


Let us continue to expand our understanding of that energy and principle so that we can achieve balance to allow our “reason gifted” minds to pursue the higher purposes of our existence.





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