A Morning Prayer

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Good morning Mother, Goddess, Father, God, Infinite Universe. We come together today to examine who we are, and one way to do that is to listen to the generous, gentle, and grace-filled Universe. We strive to enjoy purposeful, passionate, and prosperous lives of service, abundant simplicity, spiritual serenity and deeper understanding through recognition of the energetic force that is our being. This is an essential part of who we are.

We rest in the assurance that, the entire Universe provides amply, abundantly and in perfect timing all the resources necessary for the ongoing expression and fulfillment of our true purpose.

May we continue living true to this purpose and in so doing may we become a powerful beacon shining the light of purpose, health, peace and serenity throughout this world and back into the Universe. May we become a powerful magnet attracting all the necessary resources we need to accomplish these tasks; and may we find the power to recognize those resources as they present themselves in their many different forms.

Once recognized, we ask to have the strength, wisdom and compassion to use that energy wisely, with love and care for the ongoing expression and fulfillment of our life purpose. May our life’s purpose allow us to better understand the unfolding of the Grand Plan and the Design of the Universe.


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